Designed for sports clubs, community groups, youth centres or anyone trying to organise community events, sports activities or structured programs for informal groups and young people.

This toolkit is an easy to use, time friendly, free resource with lots of ‘how to’ hints and useful templates to save your club time when: running meetings; helping club volunteers and members; engaging youth in decision making;  membership (succession) planning; and running the day to day jobs within a community committee.


Managing Activities

Managing Staff and Volunteers

This section is designed for people in their first week of a new job or volunteer position in a sports club, youth centre or community organisation. This section contains lots of forms and help sheets that are designed to make it as easy as possible to run programs, activities or events for your community. This section is about employing people- finding new staff and volunteers, getting them started, supervising and managing them.



Running the Organisation

Getting Young People Involved

Succession Planning

Information to help you with clubs, associations, businesses, running meetings, money management, getting control of the paperwork, insurance, OHS, child protection, how to handle complaints and planning for the future.

This guide aims to encourage clubs to get young people involved in decision-making and planning in order to ensure the long-term survival of the club.  You will find simple templates, sample documents and handy hints to help you to get young people involved in club decision-making.

This section identifies the need for sports and community clubs to begin planning for their future. It outlines five steps that boards and committees can take to create a succession plan that will help their club continue to grow in to the future