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Succession Planning
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Managing The Activities
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Planning For The Future
Understanding Youth Involvement
Taking Action: 10 Steps to Engaging Youth in Club Decision-Making
Helpful Links and Resources
Section 1: Introduction to Succession Planning
Section 2: The Succession Planning Process
Section 3: Crucial Ingredients for Steps 1-5
Step 1. Stop and Think
Step 2. Identify Barriers to Participation for Young People
Step 3. Decide How Your Club will Involve Young People in Decision-Making
Step 4. Form Community Partnerships
Step 5. Recruit Young People
Step 6. Induct Young People in to your Club General Induction Information
Step 7. Effectively Communicate with Young People
Step 8. Invest in Young People
Step 9. Mentor your Young Volunteers
Step 10. Recognise Volunteers and Thank Them for Their Work
Step 1: Examine your club’s position
Step 2: Identify skills required to fill critical roles in your club
Step 3: Assess the skills gap in your club and identify potential successors
Step 4: Develop and prepare potential successors
Step 5: Evaluate your succession plan


Succession Planning

Now, more than ever, there is a need for sports clubs and community organisations to consider their futures. Where will they be in five or ten years’ time? Where will their volunteers be? As baby boomers approach their retirement age and as rural and regional communities continue to face processes of rural decline with services and families retreating back to cities or regional centres, many clubs may be faced with the threat of extinction. Clubs must ask themselves: what if key volunteers leave? Will all their knowledge and experience go with them? Who will carry the club into the future? Who will take on the key roles to ensure that the club survives and continues to grow? How will this process of change and handover happen?

This section offers guidance in how clubs can address these questions and make a plan for the future: a succession plan. Click any of the links below to view more information.